Noragami ep1 screenshots

This shall be a very short post. I have been proofreading Noragami fansubs before an impending Blu-ray release. At the same time I am just watching the series for the first time and coming upon scenes long gone from every otaku’s Tumblr/Twitter/other social media radar, like Hiyori-chan skipping along the power-lines.

Nonetheless, have a couple of screenshots, starting with what fits inside Yato-san’s tracksuit jacket…

(click on the thumbnails for full-sized screenshots)

Bloggers’ Responses to Hayao Miyazaki’s Latest Interview

Hayao-MiyazakiA while back an article quoting a part of an interview with Hayao Miyazaki-san, that charming silver-haired gentleman over there to the right, stirred up some strong emotions in the anime-loving community. If you follow even an average number of bloggers, there is very low probability that you have missed the uproar. Nevertheless, to clarify I have pasted the excerpt in question and a translation below. Continue reading

Resolution of Sorts

I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, because I know myself too well and know there’s basically no chance they would get kept. I’m at a point in my life where I can barely see to tomorrow, let alone July or even December. Actually scratch that – I have no idea whether I’m going out with a friend of mine or whether I’ll be sleeping instead. (My sleep pattern is totally messed up.)

Nonetheless I decided to write one post per week here. On Thursdays. At the time when this post still just a newborn draft, I meant to write “So far so good,” but, as the more attentive of you may have noticed, that is no longer true. Yes, there was no post this Thursday. I won’t bother you with my excuses, but let me share this year’s Post a Week stamp from The Daily Post:

I'm part of Post A Week 2014

Click it for more on the yearly project.

Finally, I hope there will be a post next Thursday and every Thursday after that until this blog’s demise. またね~

First Impressions: My Neighbor Seki

Tonari_no_Seki-kun_mangaSeveral months ago we bought the first volume of the manga, from which this anime was adapted, in Japanese. Not that either of us can read it, but if you’ve seen a little of the anime, you’ll understand that the text isn’t that important. Anyway, when we found out that it was airing this winter, there was no doubt that we should watch it. Today I’ll be covering the first three episodes. Since they are just under 8 minutes each (including the opening and ending songs), I’ve decided I can fit them into a single post. I usually expect anime with short episodes like this to originate from yonkoma manga, but My Neighbor Seki has a regular manga structure, only with exceptionally short chapters (about 8 pages) called 1st period, 2nd period and so on. Continue reading

Gateway Anime

What was your first anime? How did you get into anime? Questions like these are rather popular in various chain blogposts. When you read a new writer’s introduction on a group aniblog, you are almost sure to find their answers to them in the text. A word of warning before you delve into my post: The headline is Gateway Anime, but I’ll be talking about recommending anime quite a bit too.

The term gateway anime developed from the expression gateway drug used to describe a recreationally abused substance, such as marijuana or alcohol, which supposedly leads to more addictive and dangerous hard drugs. So whenever I say/write about your gateway anime I mean the series which captured your heart and lured you to taste the toxic, yet delectable, menu of all things otaku. If used generally, it means anime through which most people enter the otakubase. The most often quoted ones nowadays are probably Naruto and Bleach. In the olden days it used to be Neon Genesis Evangelion here.

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弁当 | Bento

In the summer of 2011 we, my girlfriend and I, bought two bright green bento boxes. Since then I have lovingly prepared what the Japanese would perhaps call an aisai bento (“Loving Wife Bento”, basically a boxed lunch that a newlywed Japanese wife would make her beloved husband to take to work) a total of seventeen times for her. I am not the perfect Japanese wife to make it for her every single day after all… *しく しく* Continue reading

Two new things in WordPress 2014

Blogging at is almost painfully trivial. You sign up and you’re ready – a straightforward CMS (available in 50+ languages) with spam protection, 3GB of server space, statistics overview, mobile access, social plugins, 130+ themes to choose from, safe and reliable hosting, and impeccable support. For free.

The team behind this project is working hard to make it even easier. (And they’re always hiring, if you want to help them out.) What are the newest improvements that I noticed?

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In what order should I watch Monogatari anime?

Welcome to the new year of 2014! Amidst visiting relatives far and near, consuming platters of festive chow and drinking fermented beverages I suddenly paused and with a glass of Czech Budweiser to my left and a Christmas tree to my right I hammered out the first drunken draft of this blogpost on my (hopefully-)mother-in-law-to-be’s computer.


I took it upon myself to settle the simple question posed in the title of this post: “In what order should I watch Monogatari anime?” Just to be sure, by Monogatari anime I mean the several series of various lengths adapted from Nisio Isin’s light novels by studio Shaft under the direction of Akiyuki Shinbō. For those unable to bear the suspense, my short answer is “In the order in which either the anime or the novels came out or chronologically.” For a longer and more detailed rebuttal read on. Continue reading

1972 – Nakagin Capsule Tower photos

Do you remember that post about Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo I wrote 7 months ago?

Back then I seem to have missed a certain photography project called 1972 by Noritaka Minami. It comprises a total of 24 shots documenting the tower’s derelict condition in 2011 and 2012. See one sixth of it below or visit the project’s page for more.

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minamiThe artist Noritaka Minami is interested in applying the medium of photography as a means of investigating history and memory associated with sites. He currently works as a TA in Photography at the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University.