AMV: Fate Matrix by Shin-AMV and GuntherAMVs

Fate Matrix is an AMV (anime music video) born from a collaboration between Shin-AMV and GuntherAMVs. GuntherAMVs had a great concept for a new video, but being a bit of an inexperienced editor back then, she asked her good friend Shin for advice. In the end the AMV turned out awesome.

“Little sister of fate manipulates the [multi]Threads of Fate.” is how the AMV is annotated in the description on While a majority wouldn’t guess the young lady (Alice of Kami-sama no Memo-chou) is the little sister of fate, her manipulating the events at hand is such an apparent reality that only a few could miss it. She scans the city for situations, where she’d like to help – a prime example would be a girl up on the roof getting ready to jump, who receives a text message (supposedly) from her family, which makes her reconsider.

Have you seen K-ON!? Remember Yui slipping and falling hard on her posterior on her first day of school? In one of the final episodes she slips again, but this time she doesn’t hit the floor. She catches her balance and runs on, because the little sister of fate enhanced the grip for her, as you can see on the screenshot below.

Yui of K-ON! is about to be saved a bruise by some tweaking of the fate matrix.

She often helps out with romance, giving our beloved anime characters courage, curbing their nervousness or causing the two soul-mates to meet and give love a chance to flare up. But even minor deities of special providence have to sleep…

Anaru and Jintan from AnoHana will be soon given an opportunity to realize their mutual love.

I’ve been meaning to review this AMV for a while now, specifically since I saw it in the VCAs, a yearly contest it won. Technically it’s just about perfect. The added graphics, such as the circled hearts on the screenshot above, are all in one consistent style and fetching shades of turquoise. There are, of course, no crude mistakes like faulty aspect ratios or aggravating lip-flap. As for the concept – that is what set it off from the other competitors. Most videos I encounter are focused on either conjuring a mood or telling a story. Some even lack a concept, but let’s not go there. Fate Matrix has an original idea, which incorporates something many viewers desire, being able to pull the strings to change the world. It’s about helping people. Overall, a heartwarming piece of work.


As you can see it employs 27 different anime in its’ 3:46. If you liked the audio, it’s a Clock Opera remix of Tell me by Au Revoir Simone.

For more Shin see his account or his YouTube channel. GuntherAMVs also has an account and a YouTube channel.

The AMV first saw the light of the internet in December 2011 through the Anime Music Videos Contest at Akross Con 2011, which claims the “premiere exclusivity” of all entries, meaning an entry can’t be released anywhere else before the official premiere on their site. Neither of the authors expected the video to advance further than into the finals and even that seemed like too much of a goal. Nevertheless it won 2nd Overall, Best Teamwork, Best Original Concept, Best Visual design, 2nd Story/Plot, 2nd Technical, 3rd Fun and 3rd Presentation/Design! Later the AMV also collected awards from Tekkoshocon 2012 (Best in Show, Best Artistic, Best Concept and Best Drama), Kawaii Kon (Showcase Runner-Up), Anime Salt Lake 2012 (Best Sync), G-AMV 2012 (1st place) and Anime Boston 2012 (Best Drama).

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