Summer Season 2012

Like I wrote one for the spring season, here is an overview of what I’d like to watch from the summer season. The first episode of the season aired over a month ago – Kingdom started on June 4th – so let’s get to it.

Again on the right you can see the neregate chart by Zana. The most important tile for me is the Moyashimon sequel. I’ve been looking forward to it for years. But from the top:

Summer 2012

Summer 2012 from

1. Chitose Get You!!

I want to try it, but expect it to be an average comedy series. The first episode aired on Sunday.

2. Tari Tari

Five girls coming together over music in their last summer of high-school. That sounds a bit like K-ON, but it could be a sweet slice-of-life anime giving us insight into Japanese women’s life. Again the first episode aired on Sunday. I’m already falling behind.

3. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

I expect I’ll drop this, but diplomatic talks between humans and fairies is definitely a first for me. And yet again the first episode aired last Sunday.

4. Moyashimon Returns

I saw the first episodes Moyashimon at my first convention back in 2007 and have been eagerly awaiting a sequel since then. I’ve already looked at the character designs – there are certain changes, like Kei looking more feminine for example.

5. Joshiraku

“The story follows behind-the-scenes dressing-room conversations of a group of female (joshi) Japanese verbal show (rakugo) performers.”

The art looks pretty and I might actually learn something about Japanese performing arts. Might get dropped though.

6. Kokoro Connect

Body switching between boys and girls of one culture club. While it sounds interesting, it might gradually degenerate into plain fanservice. Therefore Kokoro Connect is a yet another “drop candidate” of this summer.

7. YuruYuri♪♪

This is one of the many sequels coming out this summer. I definitely want to watch this, but first I’ll have to finish the first season. Gifs from the second season are already popping up all over the place! *panics*


Seven shows isn’t too much, is it? Except I have a million other things I have to do this summer. While I might drop like a half of these, I might also pick up a couple of other shows, not to mention my backlog of anime…

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