My Otaku Christmas Wish

Genshiken: Second Season  coverWith Christmas just around the corner Right Stuf Inc. are having their annual 12 Days of Savings. Like every year my otaku heart leaps at the offers. I always find something I like and this year it’s Genshiken: Second Season 1. It has been on the counters since September, but… let’s say money has been a little tight.

And now Right Stuf Inc. are selling it at 5.50 USD instead of the retail 10.99 USD.

Genshiken has been my favorite manga (it does have an anime adaptation for those who don’t enjoy reading) for ages. Its mangaka Shimoku Kio is really something else. Rarely you encounter backgrounds this detailed and characters so normal. A slice-of-life about a small otaku-oriented (games, anime, manga and cosplay) club at a university on the outskirts of Tokyo first seen through the eyes of Sasahara Kanji who joins it in his first year and graduates by the last volume of the first generation series is now told by a female mangaka and possibly my favorite character of the series, Ogiue Chika.

She is now the club president with mostly female club members under her, each of whom is well-profiled, but most share quite the penchant for BL. I think this almost 180 degree change will do the series good – it’s a fresh start after the 9 volumes of the same mostly male cast with their stable otaku hobbies. While some fans might not like the new characters, I’m looking forward to seeing and learning about different aspects of otaku life in Japan.

I enjoy those ever-present hints at various works of Japanese animation from Laputa and Gundam to more obscure ones, the annual journey to Comiket, the clashes with non-otaku friends and relatives, Kanji’s gradual descent into the world of hard-core otaku,… I could ramble on for all of eternity about this.

Nevertheless, if you want to spend some money on anime-related goods this December, you’ll surely find something you like at Right Stuf.

Lastly, I recommend Genshiken to all. I hope you’ll try it (if you haven’t already) and will eventually support Shimoku Kio by buying all the volumes like me.

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