Exam Rant #1

It is now exam season at my university. It lasts five weeks for me and is/will be depressing. With every day I feel more stupid…

I have 13 subjects, out of which only 2 are completely done so far. This week I’ll be pretty busy.

Week 1


I was supposed to hand in 6 Loading and reliability papers today. Alas I’ve only finished 3 so far.


9AM Hand in 5 Structual Mechanics papers – finished, but I just can’t figure out one very minor problem in one of them

10AM Hand in 5 paragraphs of translated text and write an easy test from English – the teacher just told me today


8-10AM Take a Mathematics exam – I haven’t even started studying yet

9-11AM Hand in those 6 Loading and reliability papers I didn’t hand in today – I only have 3 finished

1-2PM Write a Physics test – I haven’t even started studying yet

3-4PM Hand in 7 technical drawings for Building Structures – only 2 are almost done, so I will be handing in 3 at most


8AM Take a Geology exam – I don’t even have notes for this one!

And I should hand in 7 Economics and Management papers, that I haven’t even started on, sometime in between. I am in despair!

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