Exam Rant #2

Let week 2 of 5 review commence!

It is exam season alright~

It is exam season alright~

Simply said, it was a disaster.

Monday was the deadline for Loading and reliability papers. I didn’t finish those so though luck and I’ll be repeating it.

Tuesday I was supposed to take a Physics exam, but I freaked out at the last minute and decided it would be a total waste of the examiner’s and my time. So I got an automatic F.

Wednesday I was supposed to write a Mathematics exam. I overslept. I fell asleep on my notes, woke up at 4:30AM and promptly closed my eyes. At 8AM, the start of the exam, I was barely awake in my bed scrambling blindly to look at the time…

Thursday was the high point of the week; I handed in the English translation homework I meant to do last Tuesday and thus completed subject 5 of 13. I stopped by the library for a Physics textbook and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and studying Physics. Next Thursday is my last chance to pass the exam. If I fail it, I’m getting kicked out of school.

Friday, also known as today, will hopefully be spent with more Physics.

I should do/hand in those Economics and management papers and technical drawings for Building Structures I mentioned in my first exam rant.

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