Exam Rant #3

Week 3 out of 5 just ended and the score is 6/13. Well, it actually ended on Friday, but I’ve been a little busy studying.

Wednesday: I wanted to take Mathematics (8AM-10AM) and Structural Mechanics (10AM-1PM) exams. I really need to pass the latter, so I only took that. And failed it… Next tries at those same times this Wednesday.

Thursday: I took a Physics exam. Due to certain rules my university employs, I would be kicked out of school, if I didn’t pass it (same goes for Structural Mechanics above). Dare you reckon what happened? I aced it. Out of 38 possible questions I drew one I was pretty sure of – conservation of momentum and its application for objects of variable mass (Mescerski equation) – and the second – strain tensor and pressure in fluid statics – I knew half of. The examiner praised my example of a lawnmower as the object of variable mass in the first question as she only told us about spaceships and cisterns. All in all, I was ecstatic.

Friday: Obviously Open Day doesn’t prevent our Soil Mechanics examiner from announcing an exam. Unfortunately after passing Physics, I fell asleep at 4PM on Thursday and therefore slept through the time in which I wanted to study my 50 pages of notes. Next try is this Friday again.

In the end this past week has been a yet another failure. I was studying Structural Mechanics over the weekend and therefore haven’t finished neither Economics nor Building Structures work…

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