Exam Rant #4

Fourth week has gone by and I’m still here.

Wednesday: I wanted to take a Mathematics exam (8-10AM), but in the end didn’t feel confident enough to bother getting out of bed. Wait a second, haven’t we heard that somewhere recently? Oh right, the same thing happened last week. In the end I did get up and went to take Structural Mechanics. The exam started at 10AM. First a five-minute “easy” problem, that I’ve never gotten right. I guess my studying paid off, since this time I managed to get it right! On the other hand, it is always an easy problem; why I’ve only solved it correctly of my fourth try is a mystery. Anyway, that was just the first hurdle. The exam then continued for 2.5 more hours of problem-solving… Results at 3PM. I know that at some schools the students wait weeks for their results, but it’s still such a long time. The suspense! The prayers for the examiners to find enough points in your messy calculations!

Anyways, I got my results at about 3:45PM and was pleasantly surprised to find I actually had over 60%. I admit it’s not that great, but I passed and consequently am advancing to the next semester~

Friday: I attempted studying for Soil Mechanics on Thursday and took the 4-question exam on Friday afternoon. It was one of those tests where you look at the questions and think to yourself “Oh, yeah. I know some of these words.” I didn’t stand a chance.

Well then, that leaves me six subjects to finish off within the next week, which is impossible. I’ll take Mathematics and maybe Soil Mechanics on Wednesday. I can’t finish History and Loading and Reliability anymore. If I hand in all my Economics and Building Structures papers, I can take the exams on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Not that I could manage three exams in one day… ぜつぼうした!

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