Otaku Wishlist: Dead Master Nendoroids

When is a better time to start putting together an otaku wishlist than when you’re unemployed and over 2500 USD in debt?

For the first installment of what might eventually become a new series of blogposts, I’ve decided to talk about figures and my taste in the plastic beauties.

by kkraisin on myfigurecollection.net

by kkraisin on myfigurecollection.net

It generally takes a while for me to decide I want to spend the little money I can spare on otaku merchandise, but by the time I make my mind up I really do want the item in question. So far my finances have always gone to the US publishers of Shimoku Kio’s manga and in near future I plan to support Kodansha Comics yet again. Nevertheless my eyes have been stealing glances other ways too.

Who is to blame for this “sudden” change of heart? I lovingly accuse Clara of kirinyan.net, who has been writing about her figures with much enthusiasm upon every delivery. In effect I am seriously considering some purchases I have had in mind for over a year now.

Many moons ago I came upon ball-jointed dolls on deviantArt. I marveled at the amazing craftsmanship of both the manufacturer and the owners, who personalized their sons and daughters. One thing bothered me though – the ball-joints. Quite a problem with those so called ‘BJD’s, don’t you agree?

Many, or dare I say even most, anime figures today are ball-jointed. And those that are not, are just for show; you put them up on a shelf and gently clean them off once in a while. What might those figures I would enjoy be? You have surely guessed the answer by now, whether thanks to kkraisin’s Dead Master, my informative headline or simply because you are clever. Nendoroids.

Nendoroid #128

One of the alternate expressions.

One of the alternate expressions.

Dead Master is a character from Black ★ Rock Shooter, the OVA of which saw the light of day on July 24th, 2010. Her Nendoroid didn’t have to wait long to join it as it was released in December of the same year. After all that one animation work was received very well by the community. I personally loved the character designs, the broken-down landscape of the parallel world and Ordet’s surprisingly well-done animation.

Unfortunately for me, by the time I can afford this beauty, it will have been almost three years since her release. Meaning she will probably be close to unattainable. Woe is me.

Nendoroid #292

Note the veil.

Note the veil.

In winter of 2012, a short anime series was released. It underwent some changes from the OVA, such as a more obvious interpretation of the story, a number of new characters and with 8 whole episodes of space, the girls’ personalities were given more than enough screentime to establish themselves in more detail.

As you can see from GSC’s official image, Dead Master acquired a pair of glasses, some acid green recoloring and a veil. I am not by far the only fan to lament the last article, but to our great relief we have been reassured it is fully removable.

The foremost quality of Nendoroids is the the parts are mostly interchangeable. Since my lovely roommate already owns several of her own, I am in for endless hours of fun.


2 comments on “Otaku Wishlist: Dead Master Nendoroids

  1. Vita says:

    Hey! What is the problem with joints? I’ve recently had the opportunity to see my friend’s BJD IRL and he looked gorgeous! I have a tutorial on how to make a BJD from scratch, but wow, it is difficult.

    Anyways, I have to admit that right now I’m not exactly sure who you are, since primary school was so many years ago, and dorry doesn’t give me that many hints – I’ll be coming to Prague around 1st Nov. I would love to get in touch again, feel free to add me on facebook! Sadly, I don’t think I’ll make it to the summer cons, I will have to do an internship during summer I think.

    • Dorry-kun says:

      My problem is that they look even less human then. Lately even Nendoroids are starting to get joints :<
      I've read Danny Choo's accounts of making dolls. Is that the one? If it's not, feel free to share!
      I actually did add you on facebook a while ago, maybe a week, two or three back? Search your friends for 'Dor' and I'll come up ^^

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