Noragami ep1 screenshots

This shall be a very short post. I have been proofreading Noragami fansubs before an impending Blu-ray release. At the same time I am just watching the series for the first time and coming upon scenes long gone from every otaku’s Tumblr/Twitter/other social media radar, like Hiyori-chan skipping along the power-lines.

Nonetheless, have a couple of screenshots, starting with what fits inside Yato-san’s tracksuit jacket…

(click on the thumbnails for full-sized screenshots)

[tweet align=center]

One comment on “Noragami ep1 screenshots

  1. […] can read a little about the series itself here: Noragami ep1 screenshots and Noragami: more screens and a final note. The OVAs are basically more of Yato’s antics […]

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