Noragami: more screens and a final note

Once again I took a pair of screenshots while editing Noragami in preparation for a Blu-ray batch. It might take me a while to write a full-fledged post, because work is slowly draining all life force out of me, so prepare yourselves for more of these very concise asides.


The first one made me look up hawthorns.

hawthorn_fruitThe name always makes me think of the American writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter. Nonetheless, a hawthorn bush bears berries the color of blood. Unlike Nora, I would rather liken the color of Yukine’s eyes to resinite (amber) or reddish caramel though.


The second one made me wonder about the size of a tornado caused by a butterfly this big be.

I have finished Noragami and can’t say I enjoyed it much, but I have been thinking I might check out the source material. After all the end of the anime is prepared for a second season and there is surely more behind the average the viewers were presented.

One thing I minded the most about the anime in the end was that the primary problem wasn’t resolved, meaning Hiyori is still popping out of her body and leaving it sleeping anywhere and everywhere. Another was that the title had little to do with the plot – yes, one Noragami appeared and she did affect the story, but thus far certainly not enough for the anime to be named for her.

Oh well, I suppose that’s pretty much it from me today. Feel free to comment on Noragami here as I most definitely won’t be writing a review of it!

One comment on “Noragami: more screens and a final note

  1. […] can read a little about the series itself here: Noragami ep1 screenshots and Noragami: more screens and a final note. The OVAs are basically more of Yato’s antics with little to no relation/progress to the […]

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