Soul Eater Not! 1-3: notes and screenshots

I return once again with a post composed largely of screenshots, as I’ve warned you before. Aside from that I would like to share some notes on the series I have collected from the first three episodes.

My overall opinion so far: The show has too much action for a slice-of-life anime and too much slice-of-life for an action one. Nevertheless we’re getting there, albeit excruciatingly slowly. There are about two interesting scenes per episode and hints are being dropped, but I do hope this will finally pick up after this three-episode-long introduction. In episode 1, Maka appears and Anya beats up two nameless sleazeballs. In episode 2 the psychopathic dorm mistress is introduced and defeated. In episode 3 we are given some (more) fanservice and Anya gets attacked in a dark alley. Anyways the girls are dumb as soup and rather flat, though still have more elaborate personality than in some other series of this season.

(As always click the thumbnails for full view and mouse over for captions.)

Now for the picture part of the post, featuring Deathbucks Café, halberds and taiyaki:

Deathbucks Café

The café itself is quite interesting and there’s much to talk about – the uniforms are a form of fanservice, much more welcome than what we saw in episode 3; we glimpse at the reason Akane and Clay are at DWMA; we see the girls’ personalities mirror in the way they handle the job. Nonetheless I wanted to point out an inconsistency that caught my eye instantly and has been on my mind ever since, which is the name. See for yourselves:

If that wasn’t enough, DameDesuYo chose to subtitle it as Deathbucks Café.


In the first episode we get to see Tsugumi’s weapon form, a white-and-lilac halberd. Halberds are very versatile polearms of medieval Europe. You can poke the enemy with its point (or the other end of the shaft, if you’re Anya Hepburn – I’m not sure how that would work out in real life), slice them with the axe-shaped side, pull mounted enemies off their horses with the hook/thorn opposing the axe blade and block attacks with the metal-reinforced shaft. So far Tsugumi has no blade – she’s not so sharp, pun very much intended – but Anya makes do well enough.

Which brings me to an another point I’d like to bring up: Anya’s background prepared her for fighting with weapons like halberds and she really can handle Tsugumi. I can’t see how there can even be a doubt in anybody’s mind as to who Tsugumi should pair with. Meme is a good fighter, but a useless Meister as far as I can tell.


Have you seen Lucky Star or at least its first episode? Remember the well-known skit in which the girls discuss the correct way of eating a chocolate cornet?

How do/would you eat taiyaki, the Japanese fish-shaped pastry?

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