Notes on Jinsei 1-2

It is time for another screenshot heavy post. This time the focus is on this season’s Jinsei, although I still have some screenshots from the spring season I want to write about.

Jinsei (人生) literally means “life” and tells the story of the Second News Club, specifically the four writers of the Life Advice column. The main character, Akamatsu Yūki (Any relation to Akamatsu Ken? How common is this last name?), is your average protagonist. There really is nothing special about him, except that he is the leader of the group. The remaining three are girls, which makes quite a bit of fanservice possible.jinsei_2_fan2

Of course the girls need to cater to as many viewers possible. That is why we have a well-endowed, motherly Kujō Fumi from the Tea Ceremony Club representing liberal arts; an easy-going to the point of recklessness Suzuki Ikumi from the girls’ Basketball Team representing sports; and a no-nonsense tsundere in glasses Endō Rino, a lab rat representing science.

Each episode covers around four short stories, generally beginning with a Life Advice question and ending with the team’s answer. In between the girls discuss their answers and sometimes engage in activities, which reveal their underwear and supply ecchi material in general.

After a short introduction, let me proceed to the screenshots:

1. GJ-bu reference: In the first scene of Jinsei, I encountered Amatsuka Mao, the president of GJ-bu, upon a tower of wafers.


2. Fanservice: wet t-shirt contest!

This was actually a contest to decide which club a student asking for advice should join — the driest girl wins. There will be more fanservice shots, but meanwhile have a gif.


3. Lake Baikal: I like anime that have little explanation notes like this. Not that I didn’t know this (except for the banana part), but still.


4. Fanservice: more of Suzuki-san’s underwear!

Suzuki-san usually wears biking shorts under her skirt. Also as far as I know, the club room is on the second floor…

5. Submission Box: This is where the students leave their letters asking for advice. It reminded me of the mail box in Bungaku Shoujo. Although I must admit this submission box if a tad prettier.

6. Fanservice: fondling and “accidental” positions!

7. Attention to detail: Did you admire the girls’ detailed brassieres? Here is an another pleasing detail — the Second News Club’s president and her pencil hairpin.


8. Bathtime: Now excuse me as I go wash myself.



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