WordPress: view your blog as a PC/tablet/phone user

WordPress added a very neat feature to the Customizer sometime in the spring — simply go to Appearance>Customize and you can view your beloved blog as a PC, tablet and smartphone user. No need to switch in between several devices every time you make a minuscule design change. Or perhaps you don’t own one or two of those like a certain someone…

Responsive design — meaning crafting your internet home for optimal viewing across as many devices as possible — is important!

For more details from WordPress employees, read Get Read All Over by Michelle W. and/or The Customizer, Revisited: Mobile Previews and More by Ben Huberman.

Now allow me to share my three screenshots:

I blog from either a big desktop or a laptop computer, therefore my site is designed to look its best on a big screen. The second screenshot is a tablet view — as you can see the header is cut off and items in my menu have regrouped into two lines. The final mobile view shows nothing of the header and background. The menu items now take up three lines and the sidebar is gone.

As you can see, even having a responsive theme hasn’t saved me from some awkward design. I hope to address this sometime in the future.

Finally, if you have been wondering I (clearly) haven’t died. My prolonged absence is caused by a murderous combination of work and school.


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