Anime Backlog(s)

When Justin of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses announced his break from airing anime in April 2014, I was a bit surprised. Like he wrote in the explanation/announcement post, he has been following new anime for 2+ years after all. But he really wanted to focus on minimizing his backlog, so instead of taking on a number spring anime, he started his Anime Backlog Adventure. And of course, being the good aniblogger he is, he wrote about it. He even inspired a number of bloggers, like Confused Muse, to look at their backlogs and resolve to do something about them. And what about my backlog?

Back then I looked at my MAL and tweeted:

That’s a lot of anime… So I resolved to watch 2 episodes every day. That was 2 years and 8 months ago.

As of January 26th, 2017 I’m watching 170 series and planning to watch 222. Oh my, where did I go wrong?

Let’s do the math… how many shows do I watch in a season?

season anime
spring 2015 19
summer 2015 19
fall 2015 18
winter 2015 11
spring 2016 18
summer 2016 12
fall 2016 7
winter 2016 6
average 14

Well, I see the problem now. If I’m keeping up with 14 airing series, then even if I watch 2 episodes every day, I’m not working on my backlog at all. Although it seems like I’m watching less airing anime lately, it’s because I haven’t even started the winter anime I want to watch this season. Bottom line: I’m going to watch 3+ episodes per day from now on!

You know, in summer 2003 – when I started watching anime – only 14 new TV series aired. Nowadays, specifically in winter 2016, there’s 46! And I’m talking about non-hentai titles only.


One comment on “Anime Backlog(s)

  1. […] yet. To be exact I’ve only watched 9 (out of 15) episodes of Bakemonogatari to date and with My Backlog Adventure forcing me to finish anime I’ve started years ago, it hit me that this was a good […]

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