AMV: AMV Technique Beat by Douggie

Are you an aspiring AMV editor? Or have you at least considered making an AMV one day?


Yes? Well then, here you go — a recipe for a technically perfect, exciting AMV.

No? Watch it anyway, it’s fun.

Now then, do hold in mind that it’s ten years old and AMVs have progressed since then. On the other hand, this guide is pretty timeless.

I thought it would be nice to make a showcase of all the different editing techniques you can use as an editor, but more in a comical-style and a non-sensical way.

— Douggie

Not much has changed when it comes to sync. Surprisingly, editors still can’t get it right. Movement sync, SFX sync, beat and lip,… Sync is pretty much the basics of editing. And I still consider syncing traffic lights to the music a classic. (Am I old?)


While beat is timeless, the succeeding tips are disputable. Nowadays, you don’t need a story. Some AMVs “just” capture the mood. Basically, the rest are good suggestions.

Look at me, taking it so seriously; it’s a comedy AMV after all! But the points are valid.

For more information see the Org video page and Douggie’s notes. (I really recommend the author’s notes.)

Remember yesterday’s quote?

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