First Impressions: Frame Arms Girl

First of this season’s first impressions is here. It’s Frame Arms Girl, an anime that’s basically an advertisement for Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl model kit line. I will spoil the whole episode, so read after watching, please.

Ao opens a package that arrives at her doorstep. Inside the package is Gōrai, a Frame Arms Girl: a small robot capable of independent movement. Gōrai is a newly-developed prototype: a Frame Arms Girl equipped with an “Artificial Self,” an advanced AI that gives her a personality.

The anime will focus on Gōrai, the first model released for the line, as well as Stylet and Baselard.

The main human character, Ao, who lives alone, because her parents are overseas for work, receives a package with Gōrai. It turns out that the developers of Frame Arms Girls sent them out to various people to test-drive them. Ao is the only one who activated her doll though, so she makes up for 100% of the data. She is new to the model kit world and not particularly interested in dolls. But if she collects enough data, she will get paid. *kachink* That’s roughly the first half of the episode.

My very first impressions: BUTTS.

On the second day, two more boxes arrive and inside are two new Frame Arms Girls, Stylet and Baselard. They’re there to battle with Gōrai and test out everything battle-related. The battle scene is 100% CG and I hated it. Firstly, robots fighting isn’t really my genre and secondly visible CG makes my eyes bleed.

CG much?

From the ending we can predict that there will be six to seven Frame Arms Girls in total. I really can’t imagine what they’ll do. A lot of CG battles? With lame slice-of-life segments, like this episode’s album cut? The characters are, so far, very flat and boring… The teaching part of the anime isn’t that cool either — you’ll know all those basic things, that Gōrai is teaching Ao, even if you’ve never built a model. (Or at least I did.) It’s not looking well.

Overall, the anime isn’t all that great. The animation is either blatant CG or a little worse than average. The logic is limping. The story is simple and cliched. I will keep watching though.

Recommended reading: Five ANN reviewers’ first impressions.

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