First Impressions: Room Mate

Room Mate is a shorts series related to One Room which aired last season. When I reviewed One Room in Backlog: Week 10, I wrote:

The main character, you, interacts with three girls one after another. Everything is from his/your POV and you only hear one side of the conversation, the girl’s of course. The animation is nice, but the plot is very simple — it’s just like every other visual novel. All the girls like him/you. Boring really, but the girls are cute.

I was expecting Room Mate to be just like that, but with bishounen. What is my opinion after the first three episodes? Spoiler warning!

Once again the main character is you, the new female apartment manager. The girl who couldn’t get a job, so a relative made her the manager of their apartment house… Everything is from your point of view and you only hear the other side.

In the first episode you first meet Ashihara Takumi, the leftmost pretty boy on the promo poster. He’s very strong and athletic — cue shots of a sweaty forehead and a cute butt. Upon entering the house, you meet Nishina Aoi, the middle boy. He’s 17, in high school and an actor. And finally you get to meet Miyasaka Shinya, the cool glasses type. Naked and snarky.

The first episode introduces the setting and characters. I can’t say it’s not a little forced, but it’s not too bad. Preview: Takumi’s ripped, sweaty body doing push-ups.

Episode 2 is about bouldering. Takumi, cheered on by you, decides to become a certified climber. Episode 3 focuses on Aoi and the way he lives his roles. I’m pretty sure episode 4 will develop Shinya. These episodes have a better flow than the first.

As for animation, you can see the 3D work around the house, but there are some really nice scenes too.

Overall I’d say it’s a nice anime to relax at. Nothing stellar, but enjoyable if you like pretty boys pinning after you. I will keep watching this one too. (By the way, it’s on Crunchyroll.)

I hope you liked my review. If you have any thoughts, please comment or catch me on Twitter.

One comment on “First Impressions: Room Mate

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