Backlog: Week 12

My backlog adventure is back after…three months. My exams are over and, while I’m still studying a little over summer break, I do have time for some anime. This past week I watched 20 episodes, including 15 shorts.

Nyanko Days

I’m a cat person. We have a British Shorthair actually. So naturally, I jump at all cat anime. This one is a series of 2-minute shorts about Tomoko and her three cats – a Munchkin Maa, Russian Blue Rou and Singapura Shii. The cats have their cookie cutter personalities and Tomoko is an average Japanese high school freshman. Within two minutes there’s not much happening… It wasn’t a complete waste of 24 minutes, but I really don’t have anything to say about it.

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Room Mate

I already wrote about this series. It’s a sister series of One Room (a shorts series about a guy after whom three different girls pin one after another).

…the main character is you, the new female apartment manager. The girl who couldn’t get a job, so a relative made her the manager of their apartment house… Everything is from your point of view and you only hear the other side.

In the first episode you first meet Ashihara Takumi, the leftmost pretty boy on the promo poster. He’s very strong and athletic — cue shots of a sweaty forehead and a cute butt. Upon entering the house, you meet Nishina Aoi, the middle boy. He’s 17, in high school and an actor. And finally you get to meet Miyasaka Shinya, the cool glasses type. Naked and snarky.

The final verdict is a little different from One Room’s. In One Room the girls come one after another and it could be read as if you meet them and have relationships with them at different points in your life. But Room Mate is definitely a harem situation. And I don’t like harems.

But I like the way the makers finished this off. No spoilers, but it’s quite elegant. Still 5/10.

Also, I’m a Takumi fan. What about you?

That’s it this week, two series of shorts only. I’m slowly getting back into the habit of watching three episodes of anime every day. But we started Stella no Mahou (Fall 2016, a group of high school girls makes a video game), so I’m considering writing about that. Maybe?


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