First Impressions: Stella no Mahou

Stella no Mahou, Magic of Stella in English, is originally a yonkoma manga (see cover of the second volume to the right). It’s about a small group of high school girls who make indie games. Two have already worked on one game, but the main character, Honda Tamaki, is a newbie. She joins the SNS部 to fill the position of an artist, even though she is a little rusty at drawing and can’t draw digitally at all. It seems like the anime will depict their journey through making a new game together. It’s a pretty simple story with a clear goal.

Unfortunately I haven’t read the original manga, but I feel like the adaptation is a lot smoother than what I would expect from a yonkoma one. The episodes aren’t cut into smaller segments, but flow naturally.

So far, not much has happened. (Though I should have expected that. It is a slice-of-life anime after all.) Meaning we have been introduced into the story and gotten to know the main characters. I wouldn’t say they’re too inventive, but they’re not cookie cutter either.

The main character, Honda Tamaki aka Tama-chan, is from the outskirts… so far out it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Not only is she a baby among the other club members, who are a year older and have worked on a game before, she’s also immature compared to her best friend Yumine. But Yumine is a pretty bad pervert, who sees sexual undertones everywhere (yaoi goggles). Tama-chan’s drawing style is influenced by old anime. Her quirk is a penchant for older men.

The president of SNS部 is Murakami Shiina, the programmer. She appears cold and like she has no sense of humor, but she’s actually nice, just responsible.

The writer is Seki Ayame. She is pretty irresponsible and her writing is always overdue. She also reads game dialogues out loud to herself… to improve her writing of course.

Then there is the sound engineer, Fujikawa Kayo. And that’s it for the club.

The story is a regular cute girls making a game. Nothing to see here.

As for the animation: as you can see from Tama-chan’s character design, the style is a bit rounder than today’s anime. The backgrounds are pretty. It doesn’t really stand out, but it’s above average.

Overall, Stella no Mahou is a tiny bit better than average. I’ll keep watching this, so there will be more in my Backlog… one day. The OP and ED are worth a watch too!

By the way, I have already finished some anime this week, so get ready for Backlog #13 this Sunday.


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