Soul Eater Not! 4-7: screenshots

The very first draft of this post was called “soul eater not again.” Now people tell me I don’t have a sense of humor, but that headline made me smile. It’s Soul Eater Not! combined with Not Again!

…that was much funnier at 2 AM with my brain running on caffeine.

Getting to the point now, I have once again (3.5 years after my Soul Eater Not! 1-3: notes and screenshots post) collected a small array of screenshots while watching Soul Eater Not!

1/ Patty’s paper creations: Perhaps I should watch the original Soul Eater to find out more about Patty, but her artistic skill is indisputable. When the pistol sisters are working at Deathbucks Café, she creates some very nice animal likenesses out of paper napkins.

2/ Shaula Gorgon, the pretty witch: I just love her hair.

3/ Investigation Whiteboard: The charts and investigation board in this anime are so interesting. Or maybe it’s just my technical side.

4/ Studying: Yes, this is what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. University is in full swing and I have an exam on December 1st. Panic!

Those years ago when I drafted this post, I meant to put in some fanservice, but nowadays…
I’ll just leave it be.

2 comments on “Soul Eater Not! 4-7: screenshots

  1. Mahika says:

    Really nice !! Anime has no age restriction 🔥🔥🔥
    Do check out , like , n comment on my recent piece “my frame” .
    Also do follow mskcafe if u can relate to my perspective 😊😊

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