Looking Back: 2017

The end of the year is near, I’m on a studying break for a bit and will only go into work for two more days this year. That is also an explanation for my recent absence — exam season and a retail job before Christmas. (For fellow students: I just finished 100 Days of Productivity, a tumblr challenge, where you study every day for 100 days.)

2018 will be the year of the dog.
by RiE

Anyway, Lauren over at her blog, Otaku Journalist, wrote up some questions to help bloggers with their yearly review. I won’t answer all of them (publicly), but I did want to touch upon the first one specifically.

What made up your body of work this year? Which parts are you most proud of?

If you’ve been around for a year (or longer), you might have noticed there have been two different blogging periods this year.

期間一 [きかんいち, kikan ichi, Period #1] was Backlogs. This period lasted from January until mid-September. The posts gave short, packed reviews of whichever shows I finished that week. In all, there were 20 weekly backlog posts. I’m too lazy to count how many series I finished.

Then I ran out of movies and nearly finished series and slipped into 期間二 [きかんに, kikan ni, Period #2], which is basically “research post on Wednesday, review on Sunday”. And this petered out as soon as I upped my hours at work.

That would be the facts. My feelings? Regarding 期間一, I feel accomplished having done this project — I have been meaning to do it for some years and it forced me to finish quite a number of anime, although I just barely put a dent in my list. I’m also proud that I managed to keep this series up for 20 weeks.

Regarding 期間二, that’s a schedule I’d like to publish by in the future. Although my blog is one of the lesser priorities when going gets rough (like when I have exams and 25-hour-work-weeks at the same time) and it will get rough, this is currently my ideal.

In all I’m proud of myself for posting at least semi-consistently
and hope for an even better 2018.

Still, I’m open to suggestions and feedback, so feel free to voice your opinion.

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5 comments on “Looking Back: 2017

  1. Dec says:

    Great job Dorry. Keep up the good work. Merry xmas

  2. Lauren says:

    So glad you found my questions helpful! Great job on all your productivity in 2017.

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