Winter 2018 Preview I.

I would like to watch eight anime series from the 48 airing this winter. (I’m excluding 18+ titles.) I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep up with all of them, because of other responsibilities (aka school and work), but I sure am going to try.

Today I will go over three of them – their source manga (it just so happened that all six are manga adaptations), synopsis, promotional videos and art et cetera. Cutting to the chase, today you can read about: Mitsuboshi Colors, Kokkoku and Dagashi Kashi 2.

三ツ星カラーズ | Mitsuboshi Colors


Like I wrote, it’s a manga adaptation. It’s an ongoing manga written by Katsuwo, an unkown mangaka, at least to me. I read the first chapter. Yui, Koto and Sacchan search for a cat thief, who looks like a panda. It’s a sweet, short story. We’re dropped right into the middle of it all and the characters are introduced through their actions. The art style is cute, pertaining to girls and a story like this, nicely detailed in close-ups, but moderately simple when presenting bigger areas.

The “Colors” are three cute little girls who hang out together and say they’re protecting the peace of their city. They have lots of fun together, doing stuff like playing games, solving puzzles, and going to the zoo. This anime follows their largely happy daily life.

The Mangahelpers summary is fitting. Unfortunately, from what I can see from the PVs (watch them on YouTube, links are below), Mitsuboshi Colors’ (lit: Three Star Colors’) art style is similar, but simplified and/or remade on the computer, which takes away much of the cuteness. In a nutshell, I doubt the animation and art style of the anime will be interesting in any way.

I’m expecting a cute slice-of-life, an iyashikei anime. Barely anything will happen… something like Non Non Biyori. Which is a fitting comparison since both are made by Silver Link.


刻刻 | Kokkoku


I admit this is not exactly my cup of style, but it sounds intriguing and I like the promo pictures. That kind of reasoning lead me to Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider though, which I enjoyed very much.

The manga has been licensed by Kodansha USA in North America. It’s by Seita Horio, an unknown, at least to me.

Juri Yukawa lives with her NEET father and brother, her retired grandfather, her sister (a single mother) and her young nephew.
One day, her nephew and brother are kidnapped for ransom. Having only 30 minutes to meet the demands of the kidnappers, Juri, who realizes there is not enough time to prepare the money, decides to head for their rescue by herself with knife in hand when her grandfather uses a mysterious stone passed on in the Yukawa family to stop time.

In a world where everyone and everything are inert, Juri and her father and grandfather run to rescue the two. But at the kidnappers’ hideout, they soon realize they are not the only ones who can move about in this still world…

From the PV the animation looks better than Mitsuboshi Colors. There’s a lot of effort put into the eyes and in general it’s a little reminiscent of Tokyo Ghoul. Other than that I can’t say I could read much from the PVs. If I hadn’t read the manga synopsis, I would have had no idea as to what was going on.

It’s also supposed to be horror/thriller… I might drop (or stall, like Tokyo Ghoul) this, but will definitely give it a try!


だがしかし2 | Dagashi Kashi 2

This one is pretty clear; it’s just the second season of Dagashi Kashi. Which I still have not finished. So that will be my homework before January 12th. You’ll know I’ve completed it, if I publish a review around that time.

Other than that I think we can expect the same old – the centerpiece of each segment is a traditional commercial sweets product and our heroes and heroines consume it, play with it et cetera.

If you haven’t seen the first season, you probably won’t watch this, so I won’t talk about it more.

And that’s it for today!
In case you’re watching any of these, feel free to discuss below.

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  1. I am so excited for new seasons!!! :D

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