Note on Coppelion

I found a screenshot I meant to share years ago when I watched the first episode of Coppelion, so that’s what I’m doing today.

Coppelion is an anime set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

In 2016, a meltdown of a nuclear power plant creates a big catastrophe in Tokyo. 20 years later, the city has become a ghost town due to the high levels of radiation. From that area a distress signal is received. The Self Defense forces dispatch three girls from the special unit Coppelion to search for survivors. But why aren’t they wearing any protection against radiation?

I liked the series and there is a whole lot more to it than the synopsis is promising. On the other hand there is some illogicality – why are the girls wearing school uniforms when they’re basically a military rescue team? And various discrepancies to do with the community of survivors living in the area. Plus the undead army…

Things like that. Its rewatch quality is low, but the time watching it wasn’t wasted.

That’s it for today. I’m just cleaning out some drafts as you can see.
Next up is hopefully a review of Dagashi Kashi (season 1). When? When I finish it.

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