Dagashi Kashi

In order to watch the second season this winter, I finally finished the first. As always this is a review with SPOILERS, so mainly for anime enthusiasts, who have seen the anime.

Dagashi Kashi is an anime that introduces several traditional commercial candy every episode. In addition to that there is an underlying story – the main hero, a completely average Japanese teenager and an aspiring 漫画家 [まんがか, mangaka, manga artist], refuses to take over the small-time candy store and the main heroine, who’s highly knowledgeable about sweets, arrives to convince him to choose candy over manga. The anime doesn’t develop this predicament much. Candy is definitely center stage.

The parts about sweets – basic facts and trivia – are good and educational, but the rest is often awkward. You might know how much I love learning about Japanese culture, especially food culture. So this is very interesting to me. But if you’re not into cuisine and the related, this probably isn’t the anime for you.

I didn’t find any of the characters exactly lovable. Actually, they’re all annoying. Even Saya.

There’s the aforementioned main hero, Kokonotsu, whose name simply means ‘nine’, but sounds like coconuts to English speakers. He is supposed to become the ninth owner of the small candy store, but would rather be a mangaka. Other than that, he’s flat – barely any emotions, just trying to wiggle through life without offending anyone, not caring about much. As far as I can remember he only shows passion when it comes to manga.

The main heroine, Hotaru, has two main traits. The first is the already mentioned love and knowledge of all commercial candy and the second おっぱい [oppai, breasts]. As you might have noticed on the picture above. Of course, given her body, she is made for fanservice – watch episodes 8 and 9 for some. (Or 12 if you’re into ropes… Seriously it gradually gets worse.)

Then there are three other important characters: Kokonotsu’s father, You-san, and the Endou siblings, Tou and Saya. I’ve already mentioned Saya. In addition to being the least annoying character, she also has an apron! And a goldfish in a bowl.

This is the apron I hinted at in yesterday’s post. My husband got the Saya apron for me and it’s amazing. Big enough for me and great quality too. And it hides my power levels pretty well!

Last aspect of the anime I’d like to mention is the art style, namely pinpoint pupils and (except for Hotaru-san) eyes. That’s definitely not normal in anime, so that’s a tell-tale sign that you’re watching Dagashi Kashi.

I’m giving this season 5/10 – it’s watchable, but nothing amazing. Positive points for trivia, negative points for fanservice and an annoying cast.

Have you seen this? If so, don’t be afraid to share your opinion.
Next up Kino’s Journey and/or First Squad.

4 comments on “Dagashi Kashi

  1. Hi Dorry. Your site is neat and appealing. One thing, you really know your stuff! I’m not into anime although I appreciate the art and wealth of stories. What interests me most is your category about Japanese architecture. It’s like taking every anime or manga lover into the rich culture of Japan. Kudos!

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