Why Did I Even Finish THAT?

I want to share a small list of anime I completed and rated 1 or 2 on MyAnimeList. Because even if I rated them this low, they must have some quality that compelled me to finish them.

One Room Special: rated 2

This is a recent addition to the list. By itself it wouldn’t be as bad, but it’s just three short scenes word-for-word from the first season, where the girls wear swimsuits instead of their normal clothes.

Four minutes of disappointment, as one MAL reviewer called it.

The whole franchise is pretty bad, actually. It got a lot of publicity, because Kantoku did the character designs. The art style meshes with his and so it’s pretty, but there’s little animation work. The concept of visual novel-like shorts is interesting as well—we see everything from the protagonist’s point of view and we never hear him talk. So you’re supposed to insert yourself and your voice into the void.

The main reason I finished this is that it’s only 4 minutes. You can do a lot in 4 minutes, but I don’t value my time much. Another reason would be that I have watched the first season.

Aku no Hana: rated 2

Also known as The Flowers of Evil, named after Charles Baudelaire’s collection of poems. This “anime” has two main problems. One that it is essentially a live action series with a filter over it. The second is that the story is not so pretty and badly adapted from the manga.

Now not all stories have to be pretty and optimistic. Life isn’t. But when you’re trying to escape reality, pretty stories work better (for me). But I am not forgiving the bad adaptation. The manga was still ongoing when the “anime” was produced, but I feel that it wasn’t ended at a good point in the story. And don’t get me started on the pacing.

The pacing looks like it’s trying to go slow at first and then gradually explode. Unfortunately this is one of the things that was adapted faithfully; the manga is guilty of the same. It opens with a bang, then meanders for chapters and then implodes in on itself in a confusing wreck of a story.

Why did I even finish it? Maybe because I hoped for a nice ending? Or maybe I just hate dropping things. That’s more likely.

Gravitation: rated 2

This title is one of the most known 少年愛 [しょうねんあい, shounen ai, boys love] anime. I think I rated it this low for the story—Shuichi is a high school student who forms a band with the intention of becoming an idol. He meets a well-known writer Yuki and eventually they hit it off. The story is unbelievable with lots of deus-ex-machine.

This aired in 2000, so the animation and art style are in accordance with the times.

I suppose it’s just not my kind of a story anymore. Back then I had fujoshi friends and we probably watched it together or something. Which would be my reason for finishing it.

Platonic Chain: rated 1

In the near future, technology has made a few leaps and bounds, and videophones and constant wireless internet access are available to everyone. However, it would seen that the government has been careless and a skilled hacker was able to break into the national information archive. Using the data held there he creates the Platonic Chain website for people to discover information about themselves and their friends. Words start to spread quickly that there is a site that enables you to look up anything. Coincidentally, three young girls, Hitomi, Rika, and Kanae, are able to access the site.

This series is also from the beginning of the century. The level of connectedness we consider normal nowadays was still just a dream. Now, more than 15 years later, I can say that it is just as scary as predicted.

The series was fully CG. There was no detailed hair and full lashes as in Gravitation. Instead the backgrounds were manipulated photos and the characters resembled bad plastic dolls. That’s one reason why I rated it low.

The other is again the story. While this had much more potential than Gravitation, the execution is crappy. The girls are all the same, with the same bad taste and lowly interests. The story is episodic and I don’t remember it having an overarching idea except for “Look how dangerous technology can be, if you’re stupid.” Which in itself would be nice, but I just hate the style, the characters and their stupidity lack of education.

I finished it, so I would see more hypothesis on how it could go wrong. I don’t really remember those by now though.

Bottom line: I haven’t watched any anime worse than these. I suppose I should consider myself very fortunate, because this isn’t so bad.

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