Notes on Mitsuboshi Colors

I wrote about Mitsuboshi Colors in my Winter 2018 Preview I.

I’m expecting a cute slice-of-life, an iyashikei anime. Barely anything will happen… something like Non Non Biyori. Which is a fitting comparison since both are made by Silver Link.

Well, I can certainly say the series did not meet my expectations. There were some good moments, but those could be recounted in a pretty short post. So that is exactly what I’ll do.

Going by episodes, I have two notes on the first one. First off, the anime is very true to the manga. That’s not a good thing, because the manga is rather boring. And second, the CG is awful.

In general, the art style and the animation aren’t exactly stellar. Through out the anime you will see some scenes repeating and a lot of barely modified photos for backgrounds (at stores, the zoo and in the museum). The characters and foregrounds are animated in a very average style, nothing to write home about. There is nothing wrong with any of that, but it sure gives of a lazy/low-cost feeling.

The story is regular slice-of-life, again nothing interesting. As I expected, nothing ever happens. The jokes fell flat. Especially the overused ones and there was quite a number of those.

Really the only redeeming feature would be the characters. Out of the three girls, Kotoha is my favorite. Sat-chan with her poop jokes and Yui, the crybaby, are pretty boring. Kotoha knows more than the other girls and when she doesn’t know, she makes something up. She’s always playing games, but later we learn she’s actually very bad at games.

Either way, if these lines are the best Mitsuboshi Colors can offer…

What animal do you think is the strongest, Kotoha?
The Mob.

…rated 4/10.

That’s it! There wasn’t anything else interesting enough to warrant a mention!

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