Astronomy in Gokukoku no Brynhildr

When I pored over the Neregate spring season chart and decided to at least try watching Gokukoku no Brynhildr, I was expecting a lot more astronomy than what we could have seen so far. Nevertheless, there is still enough night sky material for me to write up a short post.

1/ Ptolemy’s Constellations

Somewhere near the middle of the first episode, there is a close-up of the list of 48 constellations listed in Ptolemy’s Amalgest. What caught my eye right away was the singular in the title, the first tip off. Yes, the original Japanese TV releases had the list in English, using layman’s terms often derived from what the constellations represent and in some cases baffling names, like the Colt (for the Foal/Pony) or the Winged Horse (for Pegasus). A moment of confusion for those who are generally more accustomed to the Latin names.

(As always click the thumbnails for a better view and mouse over for captions.)

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