Dagashi Kashi

In order to watch the second season this winter, I finally finished the first. As always this is a review with SPOILERS, so mainly for anime enthusiasts, who have seen the anime.

Dagashi Kashi is an anime that introduces several traditional commercial candy every episode. In addition to that there is an underlying story – the main hero, a completely average Japanese teenager and an aspiring 漫画家 [まんがか, mangaka, manga artist], refuses to take over the small-time candy store and the main heroine, who’s highly knowledgeable about sweets, arrives to convince him to choose candy over manga. The anime doesn’t develop this predicament much. Candy is definitely center stage.

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Winter 2018 Preview I.

I would like to watch eight anime series from the 48 airing this winter. (I’m excluding 18+ titles.) I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep up with all of them, because of other responsibilities (aka school and work), but I sure am going to try.

Today I will go over three of them – their source manga (it just so happened that all six are manga adaptations), synopsis, promotional videos and art et cetera. Cutting to the chase, today you can read about: Mitsuboshi Colors, Kokkoku and Dagashi Kashi 2. Continue reading