Backlog: Week 19

Surprise! Back from the honeymoon with a new post, because of course we watched anime. I watched 2 episodes per day (on average), while managing to run around Switzerland every day. That’s 14 episodes in total — 8 full (10+ minutes) and 6 shorts. I finished Ani Tore! XX and Himouto! Umaru-chan OVAs.

Ani Tore! XX

Ani Tore! XX, short for Anime Training, is the second season to Ani Tore! EX which I wrote about in Backlog: Week 6. They are three-minute shorts about six girls, who want to become idols. In the second season they start living together (and with you) in a small house. Once again they train a lot — jogging, swimming and just exercising in general.

I rate it 4/10, aka bad, because it has no invention whatsoever. All the girls are flat cookie-cutter archetypes and there is no story to talk about. I watched it to fill my quota of episodes and because I watched the first season. Continue reading

Backlog: Week 1

I haven’t been slacking off. I finished off five anime this past week. In all I watched 24 episodes — 15 being shorts (5 minutes or shorter) — which is three more than planned. On the other hand I would have liked to have watched less shorts and more “full-fledged” episodes. Continue reading