Backlog: Week 7

It’s Sunday! This week I finished two movies, one short and one series. As always I watched 21 episodes, including 13 shorts. I’m finishing a lot, but my “watching” and “to watch” numbers are barely budging.
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Backlog: Week 4

I’ve been busy, but I still managed to watch 3 episodes every day. So I watched 21 eps total — including 10 shorts and one 80-minute movie.

I’m running out of things to say in these introductions. That was fast…
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Backlog: Week 3

Am I boring with these “old” anime? This is nothing — I also have nine 90’s anime in my backlog. When I break out those, it will be a real trip into anime history for some of you. Look forward to that!

This week I watched 21 episodes, including 16 shorts. I’m trying to watch more full-fledged episodes, but when I’m really tired or just generally running out of time, I watch shorts to fulfill my daily episode goal. Like when I stop studying at 10PM and just want to go to sleep.

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Backlog: Week 2

Welcome to the third post about my “backlog adventure”. I tried writing a bit more about the series and not just my incoherent reactions this time, so I hope you like the format better. This week I watched 21 episodes, including 11 shorts. (Random piece of trivia: In January I finished 15 anime series. That’s the most I ever finished in a month.)
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