Backlog: Week 15

This week I’ve been pretty busy. I still watched 21 episodes, but a great majority were shorts — 19 to be exact. Oh well, better luck next week.


This enigmatic title is an amalgamation of contractions. Ani is a contraction of anime, Kuri of creators. This 18-minute piece is comprised of 15 one-minute shorts, each produced by a different creator from Japanese anime studios. See the list on MAL.

One of the 60-second stories is Good Morning by Satoshi Kon of Madhouse. He died 7 years ago, leaving behind works like Memories or Paprika. I admire his varied skill sets — storyboarding, directing, screenplay, key animation,… Anyway, you can see the likeness to Paprika. Detailed backgrounds are one thing, but the appearance of the main character is a dead give-away. And it works great. It’s a clear, concise story told in a minute.

Another is A Gathering of Cats by Makoto Shinkai. That’s a name you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately — he’s the director of Kimi no Na wa, Your Name in English. I liked this one the best, because cats. Planning world domination/destruction at that.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to watch Your Name this week.
Like I wrote above, hopefully next week will be better.


Backlog: Week 14

Here we go again. This week I watched 13 full (10+ minutes) episodes and 9 shorts. Roughly three episodes per day on average.

Shinkai’s short movies and advertisements

I watched Cross Road, Someone’s Gaze, Egao and Taisei advertisements. In my opinion Cross Road (above) is the best of them. It’s a cute idea about two high school students studying for entrance exams. The animation is beautiful (it’s Shinkai, of course it is).

Someone’s Gaze wasn’t bad either. It’s about a family and their relationship, especially father-daughter, and how it changed throughout the daughter’s life. I teared up. Continue reading