Hiding Your Power Levels

I suppose I should preface this (once again) image-heavy post with a piece of personal information – I do not flaunt my love for anime. Nevertheless, although I thought it virtually impossible, at least one fellow otaku saw though my disguise. I hide my power levels.

I had this rice bowl on a badge. Can you spot the reference?

“Hiding your power levels” is a phrase taken from Dragon Ball Z, closely related to “It’s over 9000!” In essence:

Hiding one’s Power Level involves not letting anyone know about your chosen hobby, or at least not letting on that you’re so, well… fluent in it. It means not wearing that anime/My Little Pony/furry/whatever shirt out in public. It means downplaying your involvement in said hobby when people ask.

by Pike at The Android’s Closet

If you’ve been following my personal outbursts on this blog, you know I have been rather involved in the community for a while. Meet me at a convention and you would say I was dragged there by force. Enough about me though. I meant to show you some wallpapers so you could also hide your power levels!

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Doai Underground Trainstation

I enjoy anime which teach me something. For example, fairly recently there have been several cooking anime. I loved learning about traditional Japanese cuisine in Sushi and Beyond or foods from all around the world in Shokugeki no Souma. Nevertheless as a future civil engineer I appreciate architectural trivia the most.

For me the most memorable detail from the “cute girls climbing mountains” anime, Yama no Susume, wasn’t any of the natural wonders they visited, but the Doai underground station where the girls get off the train when climbing Mount Tanigawa. Unlike most viewers I already knew of the station having seen it in a yet another anime I’ll also be drawing information from today. Tetsuko no Tabi is about a train enthusiast and a hard-to-impress mangaka traveling around Japan visiting interesting railway stations and making a manga about it. One day I might write about some of the other amazing stations they visit, but today I want to tell you about the Doai station.

Yama no Susume 2 episode 21

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Bloggers’ Responses to Hayao Miyazaki’s Latest Interview

Hayao-MiyazakiA while back an article quoting a part of an interview with Hayao Miyazaki-san, that charming silver-haired gentleman over there to the right, stirred up some strong emotions in the anime-loving community. If you follow even an average number of bloggers, there is very low probability that you have missed the uproar. Nevertheless, to clarify I have pasted the excerpt in question and a translation below. Continue reading