Hiding Your Power Levels

I suppose I should preface this (once again) image-heavy post with a piece of personal information – I do not flaunt my love for anime. Nevertheless, although I thought it virtually impossible, at least one fellow otaku saw though my disguise. I hide my power levels.

I had this rice bowl on a badge. Can you spot the reference?

“Hiding your power levels” is a phrase taken from Dragon Ball Z, closely related to “It’s over 9000!” In essence:

Hiding one’s Power Level involves not letting anyone know about your chosen hobby, or at least not letting on that you’re so, well… fluent in it. It means not wearing that anime/My Little Pony/furry/whatever shirt out in public. It means downplaying your involvement in said hobby when people ask.

by Pike at The Android’s Closet

If you’ve been following my personal outbursts on this blog, you know I have been rather involved in the community for a while. Meet me at a convention and you would say I was dragged there by force. Enough about me though. I meant to show you some wallpapers so you could also hide your power levels!

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