Winter 2020 Preview II.

Second and also last part of this season’s preview.


There’s not much information about this one, but the promo image had many people hyped. Until they found out:

  • the episodes might be just 3 minutes long
  • it’s a “propaganda anime funded by Kumamoto local government”

I, myself, don’t mind either, but we’ll see.

Natsuna Kunugi, a university student in Tokyo, visits Kumamoto in search of friends who she could not contact following the Kumamoto earthquakes. There, she meets local people who are full of compassion and uniqueness, including the energetic junior high school student, Izumi. A heartfelt coming-of-age story begins.


Airs on Tuesday January 7th 


Nekopara, short for Neko Paradise, is originally an eroge. Years ago it got an OVA and now it’s getting a whole anime series. I haven’t played the eroge, but the OVA was okay. The animation seems a little better this time around, but I’m more worried about the content. It’s a slice-of-life about catgirls working at a café, so I’m afraid there will be more fanservice than story. But there’s cats, so there’s that.

Airs on Thursday January 9th

Somali to Mori no Kamisama

I’ve heard great things about the source manga and the promo video looks awesome, so I really hope this series doesn’t disappoint.

The gist is “A golem looks for someone to look after a human child after he expires in a world where humanity is essentially dead and hated.”, I think. I haven’t read the manga and the summaries don’t give away much.

Except for the golem and the human child, there seems to be a number of other creatures in the series and they all look so interesting. The backgrounds are breathtaking, reminiscent of Made in Abyss for example.

Airs on Friday January 10th 

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga

This is my husband’s pick, I’m not expecting much. Various warlords from the Warring States (Sengoku) era are reborn as dogs with their personalities, memories and grudges intact. Hopefully the seiyuu will do a good job.

Airs on Saturday January 11th

That’s it! Time to watch these and possibly report back.

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