Hashikko Ensemble: New Shimoku Kio Manga?!

I totally missed the memo back in November. Quoting from the ANN news post:

[…] January issue of Kodansha‘s Afternoon magazine announced three new manga series and a long one-shot manga […]

[…] Genshiken‘s Shimoku Kio will launch a manga tentatively titled Hashikko Ensemble in the April issue on February 24. The story takes place at a technical high school. The protagonist, who has a voice complex, is approached by a classmate who wants to start a choir club.

Shimoku Kio is my favorite mangaka; I have read all of his manga and own all the Genshiken manga that has so far been published in English. Somehow I missed this though. Fortunately, an even bigger Shimoku Kio fan, Carl of Ogiue Maniax, brought the news to my attention. Thank you!

I hope it’s good!

Backlog: Week 14

Here we go again. This week I watched 13 full (10+ minutes) episodes and 9 shorts. Roughly three episodes per day on average.

Shinkai’s short movies and advertisements

I watched Cross Road, Someone’s Gaze, Egao and Taisei advertisements. In my opinion Cross Road (above) is the best of them. It’s a cute idea about two high school students studying for entrance exams. The animation is beautiful (it’s Shinkai, of course it is).

Someone’s Gaze wasn’t bad either. It’s about a family and their relationship, especially father-daughter, and how it changed throughout the daughter’s life. I teared up. Continue reading

My Otaku Christmas Wish

Genshiken: Second Season  coverWith Christmas just around the corner Right Stuf Inc. are having their annual 12 Days of Savings. Like every year my otaku heart leaps at the offers. I always find something I like and this year it’s Genshiken: Second Season 1. It has been on the counters since September, but… let’s say money has been a little tight.

And now Right Stuf Inc. are selling it at 5.50 USD instead of the retail 10.99 USD.

Continue reading